Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day: be cautious on Facebook


This Valentine’s Day, Cyber criminals are waiting for making the online scams. They mainly target the most of online shopping and social networking trends. The scammers make you fool by giving many attractions and discounts in online shopping websites and social networking sites for the romantic day. The Trend Micro (India & SAARC) warned people to be aware of those spam and cyber crime attacks.

It is usual for scammers to use famous events, brands or attractive contests to cloak malicious schemes. The attack is mainly focusing on Chrome, Firefox and popular browsers. The attackers mainly targets and leverages on Valentine’s Day.

The hackers tell a people to post a Valentines theme into their facebook profile from there they are redirected to fake site ask to download the theme.

If users Install that theme, hackers can seek their personal information and data from their computers. This attack is mainly happening on Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox for accessing facebook. Actually attack begins with a post on affected user’s wall inviting other users to install a valentine’s theme on their facebook profile page. If they click on post, they are also redirected to another fake page to install theme.

The Trend Micro (India & SAARC) told that, after redirecting it prompts to click the Install button. After clicking the Install button it will prompt to download the malicious file called FacebookChrome.crx which Trend Micro detects as TROJ_FOOKBACE.A.  If it is download in your system has the capable of displaying ads from certain sites. It also installs itself on the user’s browsers as extension name Facebook Improvement|

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