Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Scammers New Technique

Everywhere in the internet world you can see the ads like “Get big money for little work”. Is it possible? No, in real world we can earn money by hard work only. All ads are scam. Normally via email we are getting many spam mails and disregarding them. But on occasion period, the scammers will think masterfully and they will send mail to students regarding occasions. The students will think that it is coming from legitimate site and they are quick to pounce.

This occasion scammers send the mail to check to a potential victim, higher than the price asked. Then the scammer will ask the student to deposit the check and excess amount will send back to you via wire service such as western union. That check is fraudulent and it will be bounced by the bank.

One instance involved a student who was selling textbooks online. One buyer sent the student a check for more than the asking price. After noticing the check was in a dissimilar name than the original buyer, the student called the company issuing the check, who then informed him it was a fake.

Remember that you are not a bank. You must think, why would someone offer to buy something from you for $500 sends you a check for $1,300? Some people are so eager to make money without any hark working.

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