Monday, February 13, 2012

Microsoft’s India store site has been hacked

The Hackers of Chinese group called Evil Shadow Team had stolen all the login ids and passwords of people who had used the website on Sunday night.

The hackers can break the security of a website, while it is in troublesome. It is more alarming that user details - login ids and passwords - were reportedly stored in plain text file, without any encryption. We can also tell it as phishing of user details.

After hacking the hackers posted a message on Microsoft as “unsafe system will be baptized”. Later the website have been taken offline by Microsoft and they posted a message as “Microsoft is working to restore access as quickly as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.” Also they told the users to change the login id and password immediately.

Like this last year another hacker groups like Lulzsec had hacked several-profiles. Sony supposedly suffered several security breaches, the hackers use that time and stole user ids and password of customers from their network.

Are you thinking that hacker announces everything they've hacked? No. Some hackers are playing the silent game. Are you feeling safe with your Facebook accounts, your Google Mail accounts, and your Skype accounts? No. Hackers are silently sitting inside all of these sites.

But the Microsoft hack is happened because of their carelessness only. They had been casual about handling the user details and password. They were simply stored in plain text file without any encryption.

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