Monday, September 6, 2010

Caution over energy top-ups scam

Consumers are being warned about a doorstep scam contributing them cheap electricity but ending up costing them twice as much for their energy. They focus and energy companies said likely 85,000 households have been affected by the illegal sale of electricity meter top-ups.

Some customers were offered £50 of electricity meter top-up for a cash payment of just £25, but they paying twice because the money was not going to energy suppliers. A national campaign has been launched, urging electricity pre-payment meter customers to buy top-ups only through official channels.

Christine McGourty, director at Energy UK said: A serious and widespread scam and be launching the Top-Up Safe campaign to urge customers to steer clear of the criminals behind it. When you buy something fake online like a ticket for a football match you're the one who'll end up losing out in the end.

Energy companies can notice the scams and you'll surely pay twice for your electricity, first to the criminal and then again to your energy company, who can always detect when electricity has been used, but not paid for through the proper channels. Energy companies are firm to bring those responsible for these crimes to justice and are working closely with the police at a local to stamp out this illegal activity.

Mike O'Connor, chief executive of Consumer Focus reported: A disgraceful scam is putting cash in the pockets of criminals and thousands of people who are already hard pressed in this economic climate. Consumers must be alert for anyone who comes to their doorstep claiming to sell electricity credit. A customer who worried that they may have been affected should call their energy supplier or Consumer Direct to seek advice.

If anyone knows someone selling illegal electricity top-ups, please contact Crime stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or The community can play a vital role in helping to catch criminals, simply by taking a few minutes to pass on any information they may have.

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