Sunday, September 5, 2010

Apple's Ping Attracting Scammers

Apple as it looks like prior did not employ any autonomous filtering of spamsor malicious URL’s. Now it’s attacking very new music-based social networking website called Ping. It looks like is only filtering disgusting photos posted on its social network. If they are serious of getting into this networking business, they also have to look into this forbidding aspect of the trade.

Ping is a result of the combination of different products and applications offered by Apple. To name a few are and iTunes. Ping is simply 2 days old and is having its share of controversies. The first of the embarrassments came in the form of a clash between Facebook and Apple just before launching. The Chief Executive Officer, Steve Jobs, Apple did not agreed to the laborious demands of Facebook and Ping went on the floor without any flourishes from the world’s largest social network Facebook. There seemed to be no connection between the two.

The most common incidence of scamming on Apple's latest social venture, Ping, is the offering of free iPhones from a devious URL. Ping is turning out to be one of the favorite dwellings for spammers and they are getting malicious URL based spammed comments on their WebPages. Obviously the comment spam seems to be the favorite among spammers.

The senior technology consultant at Sophos Graham Clulely said: We're used to survey scams like this being spread wide via many sites like Facebook, but obviously the lack of filtering on Ping is making it a brand new playground for the bad guys to operate in. It's sarcastic that the most common scams on Ping right now turn around Apple's own iPhone. It's safe to assume that Ping does need to incorporate some basic filtering to prevent nasty messages from being posted, so confidently Apple's security team can extend this to also block scam messages and malicious links. Also the Ping users should be cautious of believing what they read on the new service.

Unfortunately, a solution to the budding Ping network is not foreseen in the near future. It’s difficult to comprehend, how Apple forgot to set up any application for catching the notorious well-known glitches. Now, all that can be done is wishing fortuity to Ping users and welcoming Apple into the world of social networking nuisances.

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