Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Husband says wife scammed cancer for free wedding dress

NEW YORK report: Jessica Vega (23-year-old) , of Yonkers, got a $1,200 wedding dress for free, but now there are reports that she scammed cancer to get a discounted wedding.

After claiming Jessica had leukemia and less than a year to live, she was the recipient of sympathy and good will from members of her community. Jessica Vega said that she wanted to marry her fiancĂ©e and be with the couple’s baby daughter before she passed away. Generous strangers in Middletown donated the wedding rings and wedding flowers and also the wedding dress.

Over the weekend, Vega’s husband Michael O’Connell said the entire story was based on a lie. He told the Times Herald-Record that he believes his wife never had a terminal illness citing a letter from Dr. Dan Costin stating her diagnosis was scam.
Moreover, the paper reported that when O’Connell called Costin’s Westchester office, he stated that Vega was never a patient here. Bella Couture Dress Bridal Shop provided the Mona Lisa Royale dress.

Shop owner Gina Verdes told WCBS 880’s Catherine Cioffi: You can’t help but to feel betrayed and you know scammed by somebody who would say that they are dying from a terminal illness. However, Verdes said she wouldn’t feel twice about helping someone in the future. You can’t be soured by it. We still did the right thing and we gave to someone in need and that’s what you do as good people and good business you give to other people in need. Michael O’Connell has filed for divorce and is looking for full custody of the couple’s now 1 year old daughter.

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