Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Scammers’ new technique to spread malware to your computer

Malware Spread Computers
If you miss a main post delivery, you know or your mail man will let you know. But will they send you an email? Absolutely no. Scammers expect you think that’s a choice if a package cannot be delivered. But Angie Barnett with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Greater Maryland told that the U.S. Postal Service is just like the IRS or any other U.S. agency and they will not send you an email.

But scammers are still giving that approach a try, sending out e-mail with a fake Postal Service address maintaining a package is waiting for you out of date. Their mail comes with a threat, and they're going to charge us up to $20 a day for every day we don't pick it up.

The scammers hope to panic you into clicking links that come attached to the email message. But if you click, experts say the links will actually release malware into your computer. Barnett says that malware is embattled to expose your financial account information. 

The Postal examine makes it clear this effort is a scams and you can see for physically by looking at their website. But if you need additional evidence about these alleged bogus messages, hover over the link that comes attached and when you hover, you will clearly see the link is not going to take you to the Postal Service page. In this position, experts say it’s best to put the message so you don’t get duped. Keep in mind; that the Postal Service maintains a .gov website and scammers emails will come from a .com address.

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