Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Internet scam targets jobless persons

There is a latest scams which targets mainly unemployed persons and I've talked about this scam before but even after I report on it, people keep writing me saying, "Hey, I think I found a job, but is it a scam?"
Celestina Jones has basically looking for a job. She told that, I have been looking for a job for around 2 years. Jones lengthened her search by turning to Craigslist and scanning the jobs section. In there she found a company seeking for a front desk receptionist and it’s a good paying jobs and working hours is 30-40 hours a week. So that, Jones sent her resume and attended an interview over the Internet with a woman named Lilian Warren. She told that ‘you’re selected for a job’ and told that you got a job in collections instead of a receptionist. Jones said that she has never done collections before so I was a little iffy. After all, Jones thought why would a complete stranger mail her a $1,600 check? 

"I'm not confirm, I'm kind of scared," she said. "That's why I contact 3 On Your Side. I don't want to go to jail."

3 On Your Side told Jones it was a scam and she would deposit the authentic looking check and then wire money back to her so-called boss who is really a scammer. The scammer would keep the money and 5 days later Jones would be on the hook for all that money when her bank discovers the check was fake. Jones said she is thankful. “I am amazed and I am ready to shift on to something new," she said. "And Craigslist, they have some nice jobs on there, but I am not looking on Craigslist anymore. I'm sorry." Craigslist does what it can to weed out these scammers; including posting a warning to people in no way under any situations wire money.

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