Thursday, May 3, 2012

Can you defend a senior from Internet Scams?

Internet Frauds
A 75-year-old mother is uses email and is comfortable online getting news and even making some purchases. The she fall on prey of scam offering things such as insurance and investments. How can we help without seeming over protective?

Dear Reader: There's no doubt that Internet usage by seniors is growing radically. A recent Internet Survey showed 30% of people 75 and older use the Internet. Of that group, between 50 and 89 percent go online for email, searches, purchases, news, and travel reservations. Thirty-five percent bank online. This age group also had the fastest growth in utilizing social media sites.

While this is good information in terms of seniors embracing new technologies and keeping connected, it does open the door to more and more persons being victims to online scams. They are easily fall in phishing by giving personal information. To avoid these we want to teach the scam and its types.

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