Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Different types of scams in internet history

Scam Mails
A particular “Sehwan Jung” in South Korea has been sending a number of distressed requests for funds over Twitter: I am in critical need of money. Can you give me 500,000 dollars? I will make it up to you afterwards. A diabolical plot, certainly, though Mr. Jung’s scam is improbable to work. For one, people can perceive everything someone sends on Twitter and quickly understand he’s sent the precise same message over and over. For another, he is tweeting almost completely to celebrities, including Channing Tatum, Rosario Dawson, Carly Simon, journalist Nicholas Kristof (who today ironically answered, “Sure!”), and the foreign minister of Bahrain, Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa.

Now this is a true winner, says Dan Ring, a representative for Boston-based data protection group Sophos. Sehwan Jung’s list of famous person is almost as entertaining and as random as his actual appeal, and it’s one of the more hopeful requests out there. I trust there’s no method someone will fall for this.
The “Sehwan gambit” joins the following examples as one of the laziest scams in Internet history.

• “JOHN” fails to mention what he even wants to con you out of:
Subject: what are you sale
compliments, My name is JOHN, i am very interested in trade your{ what you need to sale } from you ,I will like you to give me the FINAL ASKING price and the last order, also i will like you to scan the pictures for me for proper verification.

• This scammer doesn’t even try to establish a personal link before offering $18 million:

I am Elizabeth Etters, a Christian. I chosen your email at random for an legacy of $18M. Please contact me for more information via [redacted].

• One malware hit came in the type of a fake Christmas card
“You have received a Christmas welcome card! To see your tradition card and who sent it, please verify the attachment.”

• African prince scams are so tired. This prize is supposedly presented by England’s royal family:
   250,000.00 Pounds has been prized to you since the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation ,send us your:-

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