Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nigerian arrested for Internet love scam

Nigerian arrested for love scam
A 32-year-old Nigerian man was caught by police for involving Internet love Scam. The Airport Police Division recognized his uniqueness with the assist of the Royal Malaysia Police, who arrested the suspect in Kuala Lumpur. The police said that a wave of Internet love scams was statement last year. In the cases, the male criminal - believed to be foreign person - befriended female victims via online dating and social-networking sites. As part of their modus operandi, the offender developed a “dreamy” relationship with their victims and promises to visit Singapore. On the supposed date of their arrival here, they would make contact with their victims, saying they had been in custody at one of the migration checkpoints. 
They would then ask the victims to transfer money to particular bank accounts to secure their release. Police information released in February illustrated that the amount of Internet love-scam cases - which surfaced in 2008 - almost tripled to 62 last year, from 21 in 2010.  The total amount of scammed increased from $824,000 in 2010 to $2.3 million last year

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