Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Common scam words on the e-mail

Scammiest words on the email
Normally the spam email contains some specific words repeatedly. The mail server detects that words and automatically sends to spam folder. The most frequent word in spam emails are ‘Congratulations’, ‘Viagra’, ‘shipping!’, ‘today!’, ‘here!’, ‘available’, ‘fingearatips!’, ‘online!’. MessageLabs, the email-filtering company that Symantec acquired in 2008 released a set of words which contains in spam emails

Symantec’s Mathew Nisbet consider those words were chosen to convey urgency, an important factor in convincing users to overcome their own internal spam filters and actually click on a link. It’s a safe guess they were also probably chosen to circumvent keyword filters looking for more obvious terms like “Viagra,” “Cialis,” or those erectile dysfunction drugs’ myriad re-spellings. Its vocabulary is much more varied and technical.
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