Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Facebook scam targets Mac OS and Windows users

Facebook users have been under a continuous attack that attempts to install malware on their Mac- or Windows-based machines by luring them to exciting videos. According to a blog post published early Wednesday by an F-Secure examiner, the attack spreads virally by means of the Facebook “Like” characteristic, in which users schedule their approval of pictures, video or further content. It's the first time malware has used such viral links, the examiner said.

The attack was previously in its 16th hour when the post was published a slight after 9 am GMT. Some 10 hours afterward, the attack appeared to be continuing, by means of subjects such as “oh shit, one additional actually freaky video” and “IMF boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn restricted rape Video” as bait. According to Sophos higher Technology Consultant Graham Cluley, blogged a large amount later on Wednesday, the simply thing that distorted about the scam was the subject, which had morphed to assure a video of celebrities Rihanna and Hayden Panettiere.

As is all the anger exact now in malware attacks, the Facebook scams are enthusiastically targeting Mac users. Those who obtain the bait see WebPages that imitate an antivirus scan captivating place on an OS X system that claims it has grave malware infections. When marks establish the bogus security software integrated in the trick, they are compromised. A Facebook spokesman said the corporation doesn't remark on exact attacks but went on to disagree with him by adding “we are in the procedure of investigating, blocking the links, and remediating any pretentious users.”

According to F-Secure, the do violence to may be harder than the majority for Facebook to keep away because it uses the Like characteristic quite than links on a user's Facebook Wall, which is easier to strain. When trying the attacks from IP addresses situated in Germany, Finland, France, India and Malaysia, users were securely transfer to YouTube. Users with IP addresses based in the US and UK, on the other hand, were taken to sites contribution the Mac scare ware and Windows malware.

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