Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Taxman Scam

HM Revenue & Customs is warning pupil to beware of fraudsters who are posing as the taxman in a bid to get their hands on our current accounts.

The scam is actually fairly simple and based on endearing your confidence. The perpetrators simply contact you, as a taxpayer, by phone and convince you that you’re due a tax rebate. To claim your refund, you’re asked to provide your bank details and personal information. But, certainly, instead of getting a bit of cash back from the revenue, your bank account is emptied and your personal data sold on to other criminal organizations.

Scam By Email:

Phishing emails are hoaxes which attempt to coax out your bank details and individual security data. In such case, the sender will claim to be from HMRC and again asks you to verify your current account details by clicking on a link so that you can get back your tax rebate.

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