Monday, August 23, 2010

Pakistani saves life of Mumbai businessman from Nigerian Scam

A Mumbai based businessman lost Rs.7 lakhs to a Nigerian fraud in an African nation, where he was called for a business deal but came away unharmed with the help of a Pakistani national.

The later guided him to an Indian community office and the local police who saved his life. Other traders had been killed by the same Nigerian gang, local cops told to P.Chandra Sekaran. He has now penned a script to make a documentary on the Nigerian scam.
P.Chandra Sekaran started an export business in 2007. He got an email from an organization, Shepherd Aid Network, a country neighboring Nigeria.

Sekaran went to Benin at the invitation of the organisation's director, John Ndaba, to complete legal formalities for the business. Sekaran was received at the airport by a Nigerian representative. He was asked to deposit Rs.7 lakh with the finance department of the company. Ndaba promised to take him on a tour of their rehabilitation centre, but his calls to Ndaba, the next two days, went unrequited.

The third day, he managed to contact the organization's office alone but was twisted away. He then started to query about the organisation but locals able understood only French.

His four hours of try ended when a man introduced himself as a Pakistani. Abdulla guided Sekaran to the community office in Beni, where he narrated his story to community officer Manglani Gobind who contacted the police. Sekaran then received a call from Ndaba, telling him to take back his money.

Gobind and Sekaran along with a team of policemen raided the organisation's office. The police then provided protection to Sekaran for three days till he returns back to India.

Sekaran reported: "I am lucky I survived. I approached the president and senior ministers to make a documentary on my script”.

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