Friday, August 13, 2010

Interne Money Scams-Fake Drugs

You may think that internet scam is rare, but the truth is different. It affects the lives of many people whose only crime was to be slightly naïve. When some person got in scam, the first thing we tell them is to go straight to the police, but sought us out to talk about the real-life effects of internet crime on people's lives.

Around the world, people are losing their savings and homes to internet criminals. The most common attack is still phishing, believing that they're receiving emails from their bank or some other institution. When they try to log in via the provided link, all they see is an error message apologizing for heavy server load and asking them to try again later. But the truth is, their log-in details have been saved and the criminals now have access to their bank account.

To Beat The Internet scam:

One of the most common tricks and goals of scambaiter is advanced fee fraud. The general approach is to dangle the promise of huge gains and then ask for ever-increasing fees, expenses before they dole out a slice of the fictional cash pie.

Fake Drugs:

A large amount of spam concerns fake drugs, where scammers target those looking for a good time. Viagra, stimulants and smart drugs are freely available via internet pharmacies. In some instances, outfits have even offered cannabis and ecstasy.

The problem is that like some pharmacy will simply collect the credit card details. It isn't worth the risk.

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