Monday, August 16, 2010

Ashley Anne Kirilow :-A Fake Cancer Girl

Ashley Anne Kirilow, a 23-year-old Canadian, may have continued to scam people. She shaved her head, plucked her eyebrows, ravenous herself to look like a cancer patient. Then she founded a bogus cancer research charity and collected thousands of dollars in aid. She was taking people's money and it wasn't going to the University of Alberta.
Kirilow said, that she had brain, liver, stomach and ovarian cancer and that she was dying. Over the course of a year, she called her divorced parents, both of whom she has had little contact with, to ask for money for chemotherapy treatments. Her biological mother, a former school bus driver, told the The Toronto Star, "The only thing she ever wanted from me was money, and I couldn't ever give it to her."
Kirilow gave her friends two scam stories about her parents: In one, they were dead; in the other, they were drug addicts. She was alone and dying of cancer and had no money.
People in the Toronto music and skateboarding scenes, supported her cause. A Toronto charity, believing Kirilow was fatally ill, flew her to Disney World. The main volunteers for Cancer for Change allege that Kirilow took in more than $20,000. Privately, Kirilow had accumulated more than $30,000 in credit card debt.
Kirilow's father, Mike, told "GMA" that his daughter had been deceitful since a young age and that her criminal activity was predictable. “Her stepmother added that at age 16, Kirilow, who had left her mother's home to avoid following rules, "made this house a living hell."
Kirilow's parents have confirmed to media outlets that they engaged in a custody quarrel and that they had a dysfunctional relationship.
Kirilow is currently in police custody and facing several counts of fraud. Her parents will not pay her bail.

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