Friday, July 9, 2010



  • Scambaiting in simple words, is wasting the precious time of a spammer pretending that you are interested in their schemes.
  • It is a method of entertaining the baiter and pretending as if you are ready to perform some ludicrous tasks. Thus indirectly you are keeping the scammers from potential victims who may fall in trap with the scammers. 

  • One common goal of scam baiting has become the photographic trophy. 
  • The scam mail senders, sometimes known as lads, are goaded or cajoled by the Mugus, or victims, into having a picture taken by them.


  • Send the scam mail senders to a Western Union office to collect the supposedly sent money and get them to book hotels for them.
  • A few scam baiters have also succeeded in receiving cash from the fraudsters.

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