Monday, July 12, 2010

Beware of scammers

  • The police have warned the public to beware of advertisements promising loans and other financial measures but giving only phone numbers. This comes after Police getting several complaints on such scams. The police are conducting investigations into suspected scammers who advertise phone numbers lacking proper details in the local media promising loans and other financial facilities.
  • The culprits who advertise their phone numbers without any proper details assure monetary facilities to lure their investors and subsequently use false agreements and defrauded them, police sources said.
  • After receiving several complaints, investigations have been initiated on such a scam about an intuition which promises upcoming and small businesses loan facilities. The suspect had promised an amount of Rs. 300,000 and in return requested guarantee for the loan to be passed. After the loan payments were completed the land that was given as guarantee was not returned and had been apparently misused by the suspects.
  • The police warned that these kind of advertisements were well published using the print and electronic media and requested the public to be alert of the institutions that they deal with.

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