Monday, August 13, 2012

Facebook starts New service for users to Report Phishing Scams

Facebook is providing the public a new e-mail address with that allows them help it battle phishing, or efforts to obtain personal information like account details and financial information by spoofing the social networking giant. Facebook said the public can e-mail it at to report phishing attempts, especially by those trying to impersonate Facebook. "By offering Facebook with reviews, we can examine and ask for for web browser blacklisting and site takedowns where appropriate. We will then work with our eCrime group to ensure we hold bad stars responsible," it said.

"While unusual, we wish that you forward us any phishing attempts you experience. Together we can help keep these websites off the web and keep the bad people accountable," it included.

Also, it said the details may help it recognize affected individuals, and protected their records.

It also said the new e-mail address with will enhance inner techniques already in place to identify phishing websites trying to take Facebook individual sign in data.

Such inner techniques inform Facebook teams "so we can collect information on the attack, take the phishing websites off-line, and inform customers," it said.

"Affected customers will be persuaded to change their password and offered knowledge to better secure themselves future," it said.

On the other hand, it said Facebook customers can visit if they think their account may be compromised.

Tips vs. phishing 

Facebook also provided the public guidelines to prevent from phishing messages:

1. Be dubious of any e-mail with immediate needs for sign in or financial information. Unless the e-mail is electronically finalized, you can't be sure it wasn't made or spoofed.

2. Don't use the hyperlinks in an e-mail, immediate concept, or talk if you suppose the concept is not genuine or you don't believe in the email sender.

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