Monday, June 11, 2012

Six imprisoned for training online scam

six imprisoned for online scam
In Britain, six men have been jailed for operating a website that earned millions of pounds by selling bogus documents and coaching fraudsters in how to perform winning scams. Two intelligent operated the website from villas in Alicante in Spain while connections in Britain created fake documents with bank statements, pay slips, driving licenses and bills. 

The site’s 11,000 regulars could buy a full credit report often with a personality stolen from an unsuspecting member of the community including a postal address, $8,500. Some students in offense spent more than £20,000 on false documents from a well-practiced manufacture line, police said, but resulting frauds in some cases calculated over £1 million. Police told the men behind the website, called private rights to use, would frequently insist a cut of the profits once a victorious fraud was launched and intimidate to ruin the fake credit profile if the customer refused. Users could also purchase web training and access to online forums with handy tips and advice, with the most advanced forum, for VIP criminals only, known as the Black Market. They were rated using some terms which rose from “Sky larker” through “Shore Patrol” to “Ship’s Surgeon”, police said. 

The site was billed originally as selling originality documents for people to make an impression their friends, but police were disbelieving by this explanation. This was a complicated operation which has netted millions of pounds over the years. These cyber fraudsters not only supply the tools to commit fraud -- they educated their clients in how to use them to make the utmost amount of currency, at the same time as ruining real people’s credit account into the bargain. We have already brought many of their students in offense to court and will continue to work with other police services and partners to bring those students who bought and used these identities in their own frauds to justice, Dowdeswell said.

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