Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Latest scams target cell phones

Now scammers are targeting the cell phones to phishing. The most recent method involves a bogus Verizon bill and a computer pathway that, if taken, could let scammer to steal your identity. Commonly the scam “smishing” transmitted by cellphone let to click the link for claim the offer from cell phone or credit card companies that is not genuine. The Criminals try to harvest your financial and personal information as well as user names and passwords. Don’t click on any illegitimate links.

Like this scam the new Verizon scam, have designed the e-mail to look exactly like a genuine message. We can find by looking at the URL link provided. If anyone gets an e-mail or text message asking them to click on a link to claim a prize or pay a bill should not click that link.

Alexander told that he would always report emails when he feels it is suspicious. He told that he will not follow a link; he will directly go to that site. He also encouraged customers to make sure the sites they go to when paying bills or giving other individual information are secure. If that site is secure, they usually use a padlock icon to show they are secure. In addition, computer and cell phone users can use malware programs to protect themselves.

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