Thursday, March 1, 2012

Don’t fall in latest social media scams

In the internet, there are most of the valuable things for free, but it does not includes the costliest items like ipad3. There is a difference between the costliest and valuable items. Recently Facebook and twitter have the ads “ipad3 for free”. Scammers trying to make users to believe that they are true. It is just a scam. Scammers commonly using social platforms such as facebook, twitter, googleplus, linkedin, etc… to attract the people by placing awesome and attracting ads.

The Internet security company Sophos warning the users about these scammers. But one group doesn’t bothering about the spammers and scammers, they frequently clicking the scam link. I recently see one ad, “iPhone 4S for free by completing survey”. To enter this survey we should pay $1. If we click and pay means, our money will be gone. We are seeing plenty of example pages in facebook, viewing for users to click it. Latest scam is about ipad3 in facebook and twitter. Actually ipad3 will be announced on march 7 only. Before revealing ipad3 by apple, scammers revealed the ipad3. What a great joke it is?

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