Monday, February 27, 2012

Woman loses $23,000 by Facebook scam

The fifty year Christ church old woman met a scammer through Facebook. He collected the old woman details and call about 3 months over online and phone. The scammer first made that he was a legitimate, after that he asks $23K to old woman by telling hoax story.The scammer asked her for the dollars to get a package out of Australian Customs. He even sent her a tracking number and the site address where she could track the "package" which she was told contained gold piece and ornaments. The woman spoke out to warn other facebook users. She thought that he was a decent person and he gained my trust..

Before asking money, the man told that he was travelling to New Zealand and required her to allow a package on his behalf. He sent a link of website with a tracking number to check the package. But when the package got to Australia it got held up "because they wanted a money laundering certificate". He pleaded me he'd pay me back and it would be fine. She sent him about $17,500. Then the man told that he needed more help, she sent him another $6000. While she checking the tracking site, the website told her that item had been released and it had sent to Wellington. She told her brother about what happened and he contacted the police. After that I realized everything was fraud. Senior Constable Andy Williamson of Christ church police warn the people to be aware of those online scams and don’t send money to any strange peoples.

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