Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Technology in fraudster hands

Now in the modern world Cyber crime is the biggest fraud. The fraudster turns the technology to cheat others. They cheat others by phishing others data, siphon money and disrupt business. The FBI told that in 2011 they received 300,000 cybercrime complaints a month

In those grievances most of them are theft of consumer’s identities or personal information. As internet users share their personal data’s on social media and other sites, the scammers easily hacked their accounts. The methods used in cyber crimes include stealing personal data from all sources of internet interaction, crowdturfing and malware attacks.

Malware attacks mainly focus on business disruption and hacking, in general affecting small businesses. Today’s the Crowdturfing is the best method for the social media fraudster. Whaling is the collecting of one’s data and sell to other fraudsters for fraudulent scams.

The best ways to protect yourself in the internet world includes keeping your birth date private, securing passwords and using different passwords for every account. Activate privacy settings in social media networks to keep your information safely and avoid downloading mobile and Facebook apps that are not found in the official app store on your device. The important note is secure private browsing. Most of the web browser has a function which prevents cookies from being permanently saved on your computer’s hard drive. Internet Explorer (IE) gives “In Private browsing”, while Firefox has “Private Browsing mode” and Google Chrome sports “Incognito mode” for secure browsing. While giving your personal or sensitive information on any site check that site it has a website security certificate and check either URL begins with “https” or not.

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