Sunday, December 4, 2011

Police warns forged Face book email scams

Palos Park police are caution populace about a Facebook scam that attempts to take users’ financial and personal details, police said.

Users take delivery of an email claiming to be from the Face book website, significant them that their account has been reported for irritating or abusive other users, and tell to someone know his or her account will disabled if he or she does not verify account details within 24 hours.

Another parallel scam tells individuals that his or her Face book consideration has been compromise, and that he or she must adhere to a web link to authenticate their consideration information within 12 hours or risk having their consideration deleted.

The individual is then requested to click on a web link in the mail that will take them to an “account reconfirmation” website. On that website, the individual is requested for their mail, password, a Face book Protection question and answer, and the first six numbers of their card, along with the type of card. False graphics from “Face book Security” and “Face book Safety” accompany the web link. Face book Protection demonstrates a shield, and Face book Safety demonstrates silhouettes of four individuals inside a circle. Once the individual has completed the first kind, they are taken to a second fake kind that demands login information — the individual's mail consideration. The next screen demands the individual's username and again, the first six digits of their card number. The website states that if an individual “ignores this warning, then our stability system will block your consideration automatically.” On the website, the word Face book is not capitalized, like it is on the actual website.

Police said all of information provided on the forms can be collected by thieves, and then the thieves can take over an individual's real Face book consideration and send more con information to the individual's Face book friends. The thieves can also use the individual's card information to commit identity fraud, law enforcement said.

Users should be very cautious of any message that demands them to adhere to a web link to authenticate username and passwords, law enforcement said. People should always log into their Face book consideration directly using their web browser rather than by following a web link in a mail. Scams can sometimes be identified by examining the web link in the information. The links are not genuine Face book web addresses.

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