Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Newest Online scam: ‘You have a ticket’

Red light motion exposure cameras and speeding sensor cameras are truthfully the curse of our driving survival. Each and every moment now and then when passing through a connection (ever so carefully) this inspector will see a flash of light and speculate if my image had now been taken by a routine motion sensing camera. “Didn’t I create that yellow light?” “Was I beyond the posted rapidity boundary?” The subsequently consideration will be “when can I wait for my ticket in the mail?”

Now it’s similar to today’s Internet scam artists is reading my mind as they have come up with the most recent scams to strike the web: The Traffic Ticket Spam Scam

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center's (IC3) most recent report, IC3 has established various complaints start this summer from recipient’s coverage fake e-mails claiming the recipient had been issued a transfer ticket.

The spam, which spoofed a nyc.gov e-mail address, claimed to be commencing the New York State Police (NYSP). Complainants, all the way through the U.S. and internationally, report that the e-mail indicates a traffic ticket had been issued next to them as a consequence of a moving abuse. None of the complainants report any financial loss luckily.

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