Friday, April 1, 2011


Among the pyramid scams which have looted the unrestricted of the state, TVI, For example , invesments, Jitnex, Visarev, the newest pyramid system Global Index Wing seemingly masked as a real estate investment group has also unsuccessful to clear dues of the investors and the best leaders of the state has supposedly absconded the state.

IFP which has been investigate such fake scams that have been examined that the Global Index Wing (GIW), a colleague of Welkin Realtech Private Limited is also a corporation managing business on the online, the head office of the corporation is also placed at Singapore and based on the investigation, no such office appear to exists, the advertising sections of the company based at New Delhi that also a temporary offices with no proper performance and is maintained by the scamsters.

An inspection managed by IFP exposed that more than 40,000 invest from the state have put their hard acquired cash in the hope of getting 25% proceeds per month for a term of one year. The plan began sometime at July 2010 last year in the state.

The encouragement made by the corporation was that an amusement park will be set up at Koirengei and a great area of land has been purchased for that. An establishment laying purpose was also held last year which was attended by politicians and popular officials of the state. The behavior of the corporation has curved out to be a ridiculous situation which was enacted just to get the self-assurance of the public to invest in the network scam, according to dependable sources, the area of land is owned property by three locals including some political heavyweights. There is no continuing manufacture effort for the amusement park at present.

A number of temporary offices of the organization were opened in the region of Imphal, the main branch was opened at Gambhir Singh Shopping Arcade. The repayment paid at the offices was inadequate up to Rs 2500 per person a day and only regarding a hundred investors were salaried in a day at the office. Scores of complaints were increased as the investors had to camp during the night in have frontage one of the office just to make the queue, people who invested to adjust of 5 to 10 lacks might not get their refund as the system of sum was not possible to get physically. The offices have also blocked their expenses on a manual basis ever since January last, with the privileged persons stating that payments will be made throughout nationalized banks to make easy the investors. A lot of investors are also tried to unlock accounts, but being the end of the economic year, opening of new accounts were controlled.

Sources also affirmed that the rebates were deposited to the investors’ accounts just to buy some time and to put down the public anger for the time being. Their scams have been pretentious and broke a number of families and the Global Index division scam is also an additional to the woes.

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