Monday, January 3, 2011

Couple fear gullible will fall for scam

World first technology can now find an ideal love match for you just from profiling your DNA or DNA Technology Company may claim.

New Plymouth couples are troubled the bizarre claims are mailing scam. They used to steal peoples identity.

A couple Ross and Ann Ackroyd received a package containing a DNA swab kit and letter. They asked to send $40 to a testing centre in the Netherlands last week.
Mrs Ackroyd said. "At our age, I think it's downright dangerous and wouldn't give anyone my DNA."

Mr and Mrs Ackroyd did not get into these outrageous claims. But they are worried people might get sucked into the scam promises.

Is it just a money scam or something more sinister?" A quick search on Google for the director's name, Jullian M. Tasury, returns nothing. It’s no use trying to contact the company because no details were found.

It's clearly a quick way for someone to make money, but people will buy into to it like they do horoscopes.

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