Thursday, December 16, 2010

Secret shopper scam

A Salina woman who was looking for a job ended up being scammed. She almost lost $1,200 when she thought she was being paid to be a secret shopper.
Capt. Mike Sweeney reported: 52-year-old woman found a job for a secret shopper advertised online Dec. 6 of the Salina Police Department. She also applied and was sent a check from Apple One City Solutions for $1,500, with instructions to deposit the check and wire $1,260 to a person in London
The woman was instructed to evaluate the services provided by Western Union when she wired the money. The woman gave police a copy of her evaluation form, which included a question about whether a Western Union employee cautioned her about wiring money to third parties with whom she was not familiar. The woman was contacted by Bank of Tescott on Tuesday and informed that the $1,500 check she deposited was no good.
Sweeney said, additionally the woman paid $90 for a Western Union service fee.

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