Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nigerian scammer jailed for impersonating HMRC

Benson Nwosu of Nigerian financial firm Fidelity Registrar as well as Neil Freeman, manager of the Inland Revenue Centre for Non-Residents in Nottingham.

He was trying to post more than 400 letters when he was arrested. Ilori's fake letters were part of a scam. He tried to extract money from victims called advance fee fraud.

There are many variations of this kind of scam with one common theme like victims think they have hit pay dirt but have to shell out first.

Advance fee fraud was one of the top five scams targeting the UK. Jailing Ilori, age 48, for three years; Judge Justice Abimbola this month accused him of bastardising the image of Nigeria and scaring away any impending investors.

A handful of Nigerian scam artists are wrecking it for all the honest Nigerians who want to wire money to us.

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