Tuesday, November 23, 2010

419 trivia

Nigerian criminals are confused by Western names because the Nigerian order of surname and first name is the opposite of English usage.

As a result some of the writers are not aware of what is supposed to be a first name or a surname. Especially confusing to them are Western surnames derived from first names by appending s which they mistake for first names.

Scammers often use titles since they think they will impress people. They assume roles to impress victims abroad by picking titles that astound fellow Nigerians. Nigerian scammers show their weak geography skills when they treat the Irish republic as a part of the UK or Canada as a part of the USA.

Nigerian Scammers also often export domestic institutions to other countries. Neither Benin, nor Togo, nor Senegal nor UK has a Federal High Court. Neither Benin nor Mauritius is "Federal Republics". Nigerian scam websites are predominantly green and white: These happen to be the colours of the Nigerian national flag.

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