Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Smart tips to beat scammers

There has been an increase in scammers who targets victims to persuade them to install remote access software on their computers. The scammers try to trick you into believing there is a trouble with your computer as a pretext to persuade you to pay for a service by using social engineering tricks. If fooled, your personal information may also be used for some identity theft.

The stories the scammers use to persuade potential victims pay for the service are very similar to:

Claims to be from Techisonline and is aware there is a problem with the person's computer or Claims to be aware there is a virus or Claims to be a Microsoft Certified Engineer.

The scammers are using remote access softwares likes LogMeln and TeamView.

Do not install software from people you do not trust, in particular if the telephone call was not personally requested. If you have installed the remote access software already, uninstall it immediately using the normal methods. If you provided your credit card details to the person you believe was a scammer, bait the scammers and contact your financial institution immediately.

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