Thursday, October 21, 2010

Phishing scam nets drivers licences

The New Zealand Transport Agency is offering to waive the fee for a replacement driver's license for victims of an online phishing scam. An extensive email, claiming to be from the New Zealand Transport Agency services team, was recently sent to customers. Recipients were asked to enter their license details on a scam account of the NZTA website.

Today people who entered their personal details on the fake website must contact it on 0800 822 422 to have their licenses cancelled, an agency reported. The agency is contributing to waive the normal fee of $38.20 for a replacement license for those who caught out.

Phishing scams try to gain personal details from recipients and may result in identity theft. NZTA spokesman Andy Knackstedt said: If you receive one of these messages you must delete it immediately. The agency urged anyone who provided their drivers license on the fake website to have them cancelled.

NZTA had exposed a newer version of the email after warnings were issued to customers about the original frauds yesterday. The Ministry of Consumer Affairs and the Department of Internal Affairs have added it to their public scam warnings.

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