Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New York State Department of Labor warns job seekers for online scams

Now scams are being targeted at the most powerless people, the unemployed. Lately, the New York State Department of Labor has detected a surge in online scams cloaked as job opportunities where their stock and trade is peddling hope.

Colleen Gardner of the State Department of Labor stated: People have a hope to get a job and they think they've landed a job and end up being not only out of a job but also out of additional money. Department of labor officials said many of these traps are advance fee schemes, which assure jobs for a sort of processing fee or good faith money. It's a job opportunity that doesn't make money but takes money.

Some scam involves taking an applicant's private information to allegedly check references and history, and the applicant's individuality is stolen and credit is bankrupted. These scams are difficult and harder to detect and catch, as they move from one online venue to another. Those who are job hunting online should stay with entrenched employment sites, including the government's free one.

Those who have bump into an online job scam kindly report it to DOL at www.labor.ny.gov, a better way to come out of scam.

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