Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Multi state car scam

A task force said, Police are looking for the public's help in finding possible victims of recent car theft scams involving counterfeit insurance checks and forgery, among other crimes. At least some defendants are alleged of contacting people who were selling vehicles on Auto Trader or Craig's List and duping them into fake sales, this is according to a Metropolitan Auto Theft Task Force media release.

According to police report, scams were really complex. More suspects may be involved and they followed a pattern: The suspects, a man and a woman, would inspect a vehicle for sale and tell the seller they were getting a check from the insurance company to cover a loss ensuing from an auto accident.

Later, the seller would receive a phone call from a person on behalf of themselves as an insurance agent. The agent who was scam asked for personal information and also questioned about the vehicle for sale. The suspects then return with a bogus insurance check in the seller's name where the seller signed the vehicle to the suspects, who handed over the worthless check.
Police suspect Chelsea Getchell, of Eugene, Oregon and Othello Bland of Aurora as suspects in the multi-state, multi-victim case. Othello Bland was arrested Aug 11 on an auto theft warrant and Chelsea Getchell was arrested Sept 7 in Oregon, as a suspect in the case, on a warrant out of Nebraska.

Investigators believe other suspects are involved. Anyone with information regarding scam is asked to call Det. Bill Johnson, of the metro task force, at 303 987-4905.

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