Thursday, October 28, 2010

Election scam

Elections less than a week left, state and federal officials are asking for the public’s help in spotting election scams and voter fraud.

New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office warns Granite Staters to be wary of voting scams concerning the Internet. According to a news release from the agency Wednesday, Officials are inspecting reports from voters who said they received phone calls heartening them to vote early using an Internet website. NH doesn’t allow voting on the Internet. Votes cast on websites will not be counted only on Nov2 providing personal information on such websites may expose voters to identity theft.

Officials are asking anyone who receives a call about online voting to listen to the call, write down the site address, and also record the phone number listed in caller identification systems. Report those calls immediately to the Attorney General’s Office at 866-868-3703. Residents can register to vote at their polling place and vote on Election Day. U.S. Department of Justice has also established an Election Day phone hotline for election fraud.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Mark S. Zuckerman, NH election officer, will be on duty while the polls are open. Federal Bureau of Investigation will have special agents available in each field office to receive complaints about election scam or voter fraud. An election fraud fact is posted on the U.S. Attorney’s website at

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