Friday, October 15, 2010

Big rise in scams as cons get creep

Beware unforeseen lotto wins and letters from Nigerians and unwanted government grants scammers are on the march. OFT (Office of Fair Trading) had already received 50% increase in scam complaints on October, as compared to 2009. Latest figures reveal about 3408 reports of dishonest operators have been made to authorities since January, compared with 2174 total last year.

Lottery scams were the most complained about followed by notorious deposit and investment services. Get schemes and Nigerian letters received 471 and 411 complaints.

Fair Trading Minister Peter Lawlor said that the complaints were covered a broad variety of scams like fake lotteries , debit fraud, and sweepstakes scams, fax back scams, tax refund scams and fake inheritance scams. Most scams play on emotions and attract the interest of their targets with the promise of money before requesting payment to cover administration fees.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) revealed an alarming 500 per cent spear in scam phone calls since August. He additionally reported: Over past two months complaints about scam telephone calls to the ACCC and the ACMA have increased considerably from 200 per month to around 2000 across the two agencies.

People are also being caught by scammers offering to place phone numbers on the Do Not Call Register. ACCC Chairman Graeme Samuel chairman said the best way to stop scammers was to never disclose any personal or financial details. Report a scam to authorities at

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