Friday, September 17, 2010

Scam forewarning: Bank survey

The New Zealand Bankers Association is urging New Zealanders to be on sentry against a telephone bank approval survey scam.

Bankers' Association chief executive Sarah Mehrtens said: Scammers emerge to be phoning people adage they are from the 'New Zealand Banking Association' and they are undertaking a survey on bank satisfaction whereas The New Zealand Bankers Association is not undertaking a bank satisfaction survey. She also reported: it’s not quite clear at this stage where the scammers are going with their line of questions but this bank satisfaction survey looks very much resembling a scam.

The Bankers Association is reminding people to safeguard all information relating to their bank accounts and to never disclose their PIN numbers or account passwords to anyone else.

Mehrtens said: "If the caller seems to have your bank account details, let do not provide them with any information, and contact your bank provider immediately. The New Zealand Bankers' Association and its member banks would never ask a customer to disclose their PIN number or account password.

Mehrtens said: The Association had received a small number of reports from people who have been phoned. We are grateful for the public's vigilance and are not aware of anyone having been taken in by the scam at this stage and we are not aware of an organization but the name is very similar to that of the New Zealand Bankers' Association.

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