Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scammer mail

Don't fall for these type of scam mails:
From: Samuel dlovu []
Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 10:44 PM

Dear Sir,
I know this mail is coming to you as a surprise, but accept it because am in
a very difficult situation and I need your urgent help and assistance.
As you receive this mail I pray that you use your kind heart to help me.
I have two boxes containing ($ Twelve million at the
International Airport in Belgium as I write this mail.This money was left
for me by my late parents during the war in my country and was deposited in
a trust Company in Ghana .
Two weeks ago we made arrangement with a Diplomat to deliver the boxes to Mr
Jan kohl who promised to receive the boxes, but since the arrival of the
Diplomat in Belgium all efforts to contact Mr., Jan has failed. This is why
am contacting you to go to Belgium to receive the boxes for me after which I
will want you to use the money for investment for both of us.
I am ready to give you whatever percentage you wish to take after you
receive the boxes because you could be my last hope.
As soon as you are ready to assist me I will give you the contact of the
Diplomat in Belgium so that you can discuss with him on how to deliver the
boxes to you. And I will also give you the combination code to open the
Find attached also is the Certificate of Deposit which my late parent used
in depositing the boxes with the trust company in Ghana.
I expect your urgent reply to relief me of the pains am going through now.
Thank you very much in anticipation of you reply.

Samuel dlovu.

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