Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To avoid online dating scam

Dating scam allows members to establish online relationships. Frequently, these online friendships blossom into genuine long-term relationships. The people around the world have been sending funds to Internet fraudsters posing as would-be girlfriends or boyfriends.

New tricks of Nigerian Scammers :
  • Collecting names and email addresses- Leaving messages on obituary site guestbook’s, contacting them with asking for money.
  • Hacking Face book accounts- sending messages to all listed friends claiming the account vendor is in trouble and requesting for cash to be wired for their rescue.
  • Offering to buy an Internet Domain name- Requesting you to visit their site, where you need to pay to have it esteemed.
  • Sending flattering messages to article and bloggers authors- By means of online and in print, an easy way to found a friendship which results in a cash-call attach to a tale of misery.
  • Using Microsoft Word documents as attachments- Contains details of the scam story, since they are not in the main body of the email.

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